Ride On Shooting Star by The Pillows

lolshin’s jam on 24 Jan ’12 and then once after that (See all)

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Kuri kuri kuri kuri....

CaptainSlowpoke 10 Dec 2014

#ThemeSong from one of my #Favorite #Anime. #VERYNICE

Rorro 16 Sep 2013

#YEAH. One more.

Rorro 19 Jan 2015

Sniper, at the edge of the world, what can you see? #FLCL

ColdWarCudi 13 Jan 2015

Watched some FLCL last night, my favorite episode was on. Forgot how much I enjoyed the ending song.

PeteyPete 19 Jan 2014

Cool. Tool. Fool.

DadaIsGalletas 23 Oct 2012