I'm So Excited by The Pointer Sisters

“Happy New Year everybody. (Bit late I know).”

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Happy New Year everybody. (Bit late I know).   2

ElmoBerry 7 Jan 2014

Got my first degree! :) I'm an English teacher now but well... I'd like to be a music journalist. :D Anyway, finally I've got some free time, yay!   24

HappyZebra 2 Jul 2014

get excited!!

waitasecond 11 Sep 2013

Big up my mans that remember advertisements in 1994 and get the reference.

pillowfort 3 Feb 2012

my theme song!

craigleesmith6 31 Mar 2014

In the 2013 film of the same name by Pedro Almodovar #moviejam   8

Axol 3 Jun 2013