Don't Stand So Close To Me by The Police

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I just love The Police.

charmed92 22 Jun 2014

Young teacher the subject of schoolgirl fantasies...

turnitupalittle 8 Feb 2014

Thanksgiving marks the start of the season of awkward conversational lulls at the dinner table. To get the conversation flowing, here are a few of the dilemmas posed by my son Harry at bedtime. 1. Would you rather have no ears or no nose. 2. If either your knees or elbows had to bend the other way, which would you choose. 3. And last night's: which would you choose between no internet access and having to stay within one meter of Mitt Romney at all times. This one's for Mitt.

matthewq 26 Nov 2014

Another song with a story to it.

carolelh 4 Feb 2014

Beardman Ballad

Renkades 21 Jul 2014