Heaven Knows by The Pretty Reckless

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Derivative, yep, but hooks, thumps, bumps and grinds too. Also bonus points for venerable Satanic rock'n'roll motif.

paulgdaly 18 Apr 2014

Loving these right now.

garyfrancis 26 Mar 2014


maryshannonb 23 Apr 2014

Beetje een latertje, maar dit is wel heel fijn. ‘Heaven Knows' van 'The Pretty Reckless’ is m'n nieuwe jam.

FrankBemthuis 6 Oct 2014

Love this. There's a very distinct message, an emphatic voice heard in every Pretty Reckless song, backed by a good, old-fashioned hard rock rhythms.

rboone 14 May 2015

Really loving this group's sophomore outing. This is a great track from the album. Hope you like it.   2

GeekyBaz 6 Jun 2014