Nasty by The Prodigy

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QMagazine 13 Jan 2015

Keith Flint back at his best with the Prodigy and their latest hard-hitting single. This track really brings together all of the Prodigy's different sounds from over the years. A little snippet of Lee Scratch Perry I think in the middle too. Awesome music video with a illustrative style that reminds me of the BBC dark comedy series 'Monkey Dust'. Annoyingly due to blocking you'll have to go here for the actual video:

jpaylor 14 Jan 2015

Keeping up the dance theme for another week. Never been a massive fan of The Prodigy but love this track, and one thing you always get with them is the production is excellent!   1

peteash68 7 Dec 2013

I'd share the official film clip, but since the music industry still doesn't understand how it makes money, the clip can't be shared here.

200ok 6 Apr 2015

Hi all, this weeks New Reels takes a look at the brand new single and video from The Prodigy (which because of restrictions blah blah blah might not play on here. Grrrr) and asks whether they can still be a relevant force in electronic music 25 years after they formed. We hope you enjoy the review, and we'd love to hear what you think of the track and the band. :-)   5

MVD 14 Jan 2015