The Hounds by The Protomen


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Noh 27 Oct 2014

they'll not switch if off again!

mishival 22 Jun 2014

I got to see these guys a few weeks ago, and they were freaking amazing! With up to 9 people on stage, their "rock opera" is truly heroic!

FunkyJ 12 Aug 2013


HTTMonado 23 Jan 2015

The Protomen - The Hounds. Saw them again a few days ago, though this is footage from 2013, at the only PAX I have attended. The member on vocals (Turbo Lover) wasn't at the Baltimore show, which made for a different performance.

ZeiramMR 19 Jul 2015

Mega Man-based rock opera. Why yes, I'm a nerd, how'd you guess???

TheNintenGenius 28 Apr 2012