Echoes by The Rapture

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There's a great new episode of Misfits on Hulu :)   8

rvleonard 26 Nov 2012

They're conversating, the place is heaven, I put on lipstick, the price is: what?!   1

CallumPetch 28 Sep 2014

Theme song from Misfits (BBC), which is among the best shows ever.   2

jeremyclarke 30 Jan 2012

The best thing about the digital age, for me, is the increased ability to find new music. We've been watching a show and really liked the theme song, which we found to be this song. I realised I had other songs from The Rapture in my playlist but had never followed them in truth. At first I was a bit offended by it, it sounds a bit/lot like Death Disco by Public Image Limited? Echoes (the album) by The Rapture is now on my playlist and its a great album. They have quite an original sound so I forgive them for the PIL incident. Maybe its a nod of the head to them? Anyway, I'm looking forward to listening to more of them. Sure its not a nostalgic way to find music. Some of my fondest musical memories are the bands I discovered by borrowing vinyl records from my local library...but its still a voyage of discovery.

mothstudios 11 Jun 2015

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jimabuck 14 Nov 2014

Haven’t listened to The Rapture in ages and completely forgot this was the title music for the (awesome) Skins. Double win.   2

katylindemann 25 Mar 2015