In The Shadows by The Rasmus

“Cover from the great Beshevli on @soundcloud”

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Cover from the great Beshevli on @soundcloud

kunstreich 19 Mar 2013

#traindisco In my head I'm dancing wildly in the aisle. In reality I'm sitting very still in the Quiet Coach.

SquirkRodent 10 May 2014

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DapperChapper 24 Jan 2015

How is this song more than a decade old!? What is this life!?   5

pwoperfish 4 May 2014

I stumbled upon this 2000s classic last night... And I almost cried of happiness! It had been such a long time since the last time I heard it. Brings me back memories of my childhood, and I find it a bit sad this kind of music isn't "#popular" anymore :(

dagolesmes 28 Jul 2014

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fifimcfeef 26 Apr 2013