Alex Chilton by The Replacements


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So, The Replacements were pretty awesome tonight.   3

stevefawcett 2 Jun 2015

The suggested quick pick option here can be a horror show

theBees 10 Jul 2015

So excited to hear this on BBC6 just now. Maybe the first time I have ever heard The Mats on the radio!

EmmaSola 20 Jun 2015

R.I.P. best rock group ever. Last of its kind. They announced last night it was their final show while playing the Roundhouse in London. My eternal jam was their first breakup last show. This was from near the beginning of what was a promising reunion and the start of this final tour. From the The Replacements had been working on new music, recording up to eight songs over the course of two separate sessions. However, Westerberg seemed to have a change of heart in recent weeks, perhaps no more evidenced the by his apparel during the band’s tour. Each night, Westerberg wore a t-shirt with a different letter spray painted onto the front and back. When pieced together, the shirts spelled out the phrase, “I have always loved you. Now I must whore my past.” #Replacements #Mats

pippamiddleton 6 Jun 2015

"I'm in love / With that song"

TBBYNH 17 Apr 2014

I never travel far without a little Big Star.

buzz 25 Sep 2012