I Will Dare by The Replacements

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A wayward, swaggering, gin soaked, picaresque, dissolute classic. Have a great weekend folks.   15

Bukowski 22 Aug 2014

"If you will dare, I will dare" #thereplacements #Minneapolis

sorrybutno 28 Jan 2015

I was lucky enough to be there the last time they played London (gloriously chaotic), and twenty-several years later they're finally coming back. Can't hardly wait...   1

stevefawcett 5 Feb 2015

The song that literally changed my life.   2

A_Silvers 4 Sep 2015

I don't care, meet me tonight, If you will dare, I will dare   1

conky 16 Mar 2015

How young are you? How old am I? How appropriate - tomorrow night - can't wait!

maureen_rekrut 26 Apr 2015