I'll Be You by The Replacements

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Tried to play Waitress in the Sky (you tube it - the studio version - so funny), but no good versions for my Jam - but I think it's good to have a back to back on Hooduu Gurus and Replacements.....love them both but I'll take HG anyday:)   4

lesakramer5 6 Apr 2015

Hard not to love this classic Replacements song.

davesag 27 Feb 2012

If you're into Indie Rock, you owe a debt to The Replacements. I met a drummer from a local indie band a few years back who'd never heard of them. This made me sad.   1

billybartels 14 Oct 2014

16 seconds of Paul Westerberg talking before classic official video starts.   1

RegisterSeven 30 Nov 2013

I refuse to hear a bad word said about Don't Tell A Soul. If it were just this song and ten tracks of the Mats goofin' off, it would still be better than most records that came out that year.

alexcornetto 21 Feb 2015

Replacements show coming up in September (w/ The Hold Steady and Deer Tick opening). I was never much of a fan back in the day, maybe because they're more about the lyrics than the noise? But, they really should have ruled the charts.

mbeachy 24 Aug 2014