Unsatisfied by The Replacements

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Everything you dream of / Is right in front of you / And everything is a lie.   1

nikchick 23 Feb 2015

sorry for the cheesy picture - so different than what I felt as a teen, listening earnestly to a version I taped off a public radio program, difficult to find a suitable link to post otherwise so will take it nonetheless

bingsy22 30 Mar 2014

just what I needed to hear   3

nikkinikki 20 Jan 2015

30 years later, this is still one of the best albums top-to-bottom I've ever heard.   1

3LeggedDawg 13 Sep 2014

the jam to end all jams   4

nikkinikki 23 Aug 2015

....I think I am, but some one needs to look me in the eye:) Enjoy:)   11

lesakramer5 8 Aug 2015