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but fletcher was first  

Rolling Stones, 1973   1

tedwilkinson 8 Aug 2015

#rejam @angevallis

DaveWild 24 Oct 2014

The only Rolling Stones song I really like, and I *love* this one. The delay on the vocals is a bit compressed in this video, but it's a cool video. I wanna try the flower in the guitar thing sometime.   1

glitterwitch 4 Feb 2015

This one's for you Gogli   7

onelovepictures 13 Jan 2013

Don't mind me a bit of The Rolling Stones.   6

jeffbuckley 24 Aug 2012

Along with Mr Bowie, Mick Jagger really is one of the most beautiful men alive! P.s this is sung 'Abi' in our house ;)   14

abigail.deeks 12 Nov 2014