Beast Of Burden by by The Rolling Stones


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I had my first exposure to bourbon when I was fifteen, thanks to my ex. I skipped right over my beer phase, which truthfully I did not miss. To this day I don't have a taste for a cold one. There's something stately and dignified about sharing whiskey with friends or family. And I'd much rather offer a nice fifth as a housewarming or party gift than a case of beer. To be honest, I kind of look down on people who can't tame that beast of bourbon (wink, wink) because, frankly, all the best people I know list it as their poison of choice, I can tell you that much.   3

delftwaves 28 Mar 2015

Because the guitars are just amazing on this one.

moviedude1893 17 Nov 2012

It's a cute little song. I think of slow dancing with your s.o. and it just being super adorable.

samlicious 17 Aug 2015

This is how I feel about this week...

iwilsonjr 4 Sep 2015

Been on one hell of a Stones roll, the last several days. I actually prefer this, the original "Some Girls", version to the re-recorded option that came around later.

AboveAverageJoe 24 Jun 2015

The #20 most played song on my iTunes, and certainly my favorite Stones song.

Smellyrebel 19 Mar 2015