Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) by The Rolling Stones

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isajward919 1 Dec 2014

Happy 70th to Sir Mick! Honoring him on his big day with the first Stones song I remember hearing as a kid. I was about 5-6 and my cousin would play this 45" single, which he inherited from his older brothers, on a Fischer Price children's record player. Since my cousin is autistic, he'd play just the opening of the song over and over as a way to de-stress. It wasn't until I was much older that I finally figured out what the song was. Sitting with my cousin and listening to this record over and over again is one of my favorite childhood memories. Cheers to my cousin and Mick!

sweeter 26 Jul 2013

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spacesmith 30 Aug 2013

Aah, those trumpets.. ♥

MadameMim 22 Jan 2015

What I probably was listening to most this week...40 years ago. I didn't rush right out to buy Goats Head Soup, and when I finally picked it up on a cool, early-fall evening, it became the first Rolling Stones album I'd bought. "Angie" had been all over the radio and I liked the song a lot...but that night, I just wanted to plop some vinyl onto the turntable in our living-room console, and listen. "Dancing With Mr. D" had me questioning my choice a bit, but it all started clicking for me on "Coming Down Again," and locked me in on Track 4. At this point, I'm pretty sure I no longer was sitting still. (Album released August 31, 1973)

jcopestuf 2 Oct 2013

When this song comes on in my headphones, my walk suddenly turns into a Mick Jagger strut.

BoringPostcards 16 Mar 2014