It`s not easy by The Rolling Stones

piraterock’s jam on 18 Mar ’12 and then once after that (See all)

“My first and final jam. It's amazing how time passes, we have no idea how fast the clock ticks until we stop to see it and think where it has led us, to this place, this day, where the world gets crazier everyday and our bones crack more. The magic of music is unique, and often is to stop time and take us to wonderful places with good and bad memories, but is always there to light up our journey, a long a strange trip with a kick ass soundtrack. I began my TIMJ trip right after a quit an awful job away from my family, i learned the hard things of life, i started again and i don't repent anything, i follow my pasion for radio, i became a oficial radio host and dubbing comercials and cartoons, it's been the best years of my life, So thank you everyone so much for sharing your music and comments. It was awesome and fun. See you at God's Jukebox and everyone welcome to get aboard the Pirate Radio Keep Rockin'”

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We can't find this song online. Make it your jam if you know a good link! :)

This jam is special! The first and only time it’s been posted was by piraterock in Mar 2012.