Monkey Man by The Rolling Stones

Solmask’s jam on 15 Nov ’13 and then once after that (See all)

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but nicholasmark was first  

It is damn near impossible for me to choose a single Stones song but this one never ceases to pump me up. Bonus points for its utilization by Scorcese in GoodFellas.   2

gfunk 9 Jul 2014

I'm a cold Italian pizza   6

kdd 10 May 2015

To accompany my new avatar pic. What a riff an what a vocal from one of my top 5 monkey men   5

isajward919 16 Apr 2014

Drugs, man.   4

nate_ltd 4 Jan 2015

I can't remember whether I've jammed this one before, but hope you enjoy it anyway :)   2

carolinedorgan 8 Aug 2013