Play With Fire by The Rolling Stones

“top notch harpsichord usage there”

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top notch harpsichord usage there

HereBeAnkles 17 Jan 2015

Late one night, in January 1965, Phil Spector recorded this song as a B-side to the song, The Last Time.

andicandy 21 Nov 2011

Another one of those great early Stones slow songs - in my opinion this is in the top 5.   3

obadiah99 16 Jun 2013

I remember going to my Grandma's house in the 60s and listening to my Dad's youngest brothers' 45s. I loved so many of them. This was one of my favourites from their Stones collection. It doesn't seem to get much airplay these days. I think it's worth a listen.   7

heatherrings 14 Sep 2013

I watched The Darjeeling Limited the other day and that reminded me how much I love this song

kateeb 9 Aug 2015

Always had a soft spot for this early Stones track. As a bonus you get just about the most exciting video I've seen this year.   2

rickydicky49 16 Apr 2015