Ruby Tuesday by The Rolling Stones


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Back in the Stone Age, Mick and the lads were kind enough to prepare a timely jam for us today … to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Swampy and his dear Ruby, who still comes and goes. Sorry we weren't in Hyde Park to catch it live, so YouTube will have to do as we step into the wayback machine … Turn up the volume, jammers!   22

Swampy 6 Aug 2013

MY #BIRTHDAYJAM! (I was born on a Tuesday in July) Weee I'm finally 21! :D   24

rvleonard 15 Jul 2013

Thanks for the suggestion, @mifan86! Ruby Tuesday for a Tuesday :)   7

Vickipedia 20 Jan 2015

Decca Netherlands, 1966

tedwilkinson 24 Jul 2015

Like the Melanie cover too.   2

davebrookes1 10 Jan 2015

Time for my birthday jam again! And I'm sorry it's been so long since my last jam- right now I'm studying in Spain for a month-long program, so I have been SWAMPED. But I was able to take some time off from my studies and celebrate with friends :)   15

rvleonard 14 Jul 2014