Ruby Tuesday by The Rolling Stones


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Thanks for the suggestion, @mifan86! Ruby Tuesday for a Tuesday :)   7

Vickipedia 20 Jan 2015

Like the Melanie cover too.   2

davebrookes1 10 Jan 2015

Time for my birthday jam again! And I'm sorry it's been so long since my last jam- right now I'm studying in Spain for a month-long program, so I have been SWAMPED. But I was able to take some time off from my studies and celebrate with friends :)   15

rvleonard 14 Jul 2014

Decca Netherlands, 1966

tedwilkinson 24 Jul 2015

for whatever reason this is how I want to close out the year.

chrispetterson 31 Dec 2011

In my head this morning as I made my cup of coffee.   18

abigail.deeks 12 Aug 2014