Sister Morphine by The Rolling Stones


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but cassinis was first  

Let's ease into the day with sister morphine, mmmmmmm   4

rblack 26 Sep 2014

This song kinda suits my mood today... I needed to listen to something like this.   7

HappyZebra 25 Jan 2014

amazing live version   7

onelovepictures 5 Feb 2014

What am I doing in this place? Why does the doctor have no face?   10

DavidAnderson 19 Jul 2015

This song always reminds me that my next shot could be my last. It's two years clean and counting now, and this song has helped get me through it...   15

btener 18 Aug 2013

#drugsongs are the source of many tragically beautiful jams... this one another of my favs. Co-written by Marianne Faithful, she actually released a version two years prior to the Sticky Fingers. The lovely slide guitar comes courtesy of Ry Cooder.   8

TragicBeauty 28 Mar 2015