Street Fighting Man by The Rolling Stones


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The penultimate entry in the brief #WesAnderson run. This Rolling Stones classic is used to great effect in Fantastic Mr Fox, a highly underrated gem.   3

tomdwilly 28 May 2014

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TheKatePaterson 6 Aug 2013

Street Fighting Man - that riff still sounds great on acoustic

sjohndavey 25 Oct 2014

"Beggars Banquet" - released 6th December 1968. I have not been a massive Stones fan and, apart from a couple of compilation albums, most of their catalogue is a recent addition to my collection. I do like this.   2

HawklordElf 10 Sep 2014

The Rolling Stones at their bolshie best. Great film footage too.   11

Bukowski 15 Oct 2014

Decca Netherlands, 1968

tedwilkinson 1 Aug 2015