The Last Time [1965] by The Rolling Stones


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Glorious.   1

edclarke 20 May 2012

They have an endless amount of fantastic songs but I still think the stones peaked at their very earliest.

Zaphers 13 Feb 2012

This holiday tune because today we had lunch at the Cricket Inn at Beesands. If you have read Keith Richards 'Life' you'll know Keef holidayed there as a nipper and the pub saw one of the first Jagger & Richards public performances. More holiday nonsense here   9

adrian4acn 23 Aug 2013

Well I'm sorry girl, but I can't stay.   1

bbionic 17 Aug 2015

The first song I learnt to play on guitar and the last song I'll post on TIMJ. Thanks to all in TIMJ for passing on your knowledge, and sharing your music with a wit and humour I didn't expect to see when I posted my first jam. As a bonus you can spot football legend George Best "busting some moves" on the dancefloor. For those of you who are less than impressed, I can assure you he saved his best moves for the pitch. It's been fun!   6

jonjonjohnny 26 Aug 2015

Cause it IS the last time. Hey, it's been fun, guys!   6

waynechapman44 24 Sep 2015