Be My Baby by The Ronettes


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Latest listening pleasure...60's "girl" groups. Sing it, Ronnie!

GoddessMom66 20 May 2015

Wow I should have posted this weeks ago.... I heard this all growing up... It reminds me of being a child and doing things like watching to Sir With Love and Grease...and yet I never knew the name of the song, or even the band who performed it.. thank God for modern technology. It's like the keys to a part of our youth.   1

gabee1148 25 Sep 2015

The greatest POP! record ever created.   48

Bukowski 24 May 2013

Great song or greatest song?   9

McKelvie 1 Dec 2011

As well as being a classic song, I watched Mean Streets last night so the soundtracks in my head.   12

edclarke 20 Sep 2013

Damn near the perfect song.   2

EatMyHalo 19 Aug 2015