Be My Baby by The Ronettes

“Just the best song ever written. FACT.”

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Just the best song ever written. FACT.   2

darryl 19 Jan 2014

it's a good day to finally jam my favourite song   5

solveigo 5 Oct 2014

Wow I should have posted this weeks ago.... I heard this all growing up... It reminds me of being a child and doing things like watching to Sir With Love and Grease...and yet I never knew the name of the song, or even the band who performed it.. thank God for modern technology. It's like the keys to a part of our youth.   1

gabee1148 25 Sep 2015

The greatest POP! record ever created.   48

Bukowski 24 May 2013

Latest listening pleasure...60's "girl" groups. Sing it, Ronnie!

GoddessMom66 20 May 2015

Damn near the perfect song.   2

EatMyHalo 19 Aug 2015