Cheese and Onions by The Rutles


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mrsinny 23 Mar 2015

I love the Rutles. This is their parody of the Yellow Submarine movie. Cheese and Onions... Oh No!

Gil_Mensch 8 Apr 2015

Neil Innes & company as the "Prefab Four".

phantomcircuit 31 Jan 2012

Happy Birthday to the 5th Rutle

brianwrose 14 Mar 2015

The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash is the first mockumentary I had ever seen back in was fun watching it again about 12 years ago or so as my young ones were first getting into the Beatles...I haven't watched the sequel yet Can't Buy Me Lunch...this was co-directed by Eric Idle   2

Shaka 24 Feb 2015

And now, a jam from that great band from Liverpool. No, no that one. This one.

jordanroach94 28 Feb 2015