Pristine Christine by The Sea Urchins

“a scene in between”

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a scene in between

BerthaSalazar 22 Nov 2014

absolutely perfect indie/pop - Pristine Christine by The Sea Urchins.

bloopington 14 Dec 2013

Back to the 80's with this pre Stone Roses sounding track...

Husker456 27 Jun 2014

Sarah Jam #3. This is the first release on the label, Sarah 01, from 1987. UK Indie Chart No.11!   1

DVCwins 24 Aug 2015

A song for @christineb x x

abigail.deeks 17 Aug 2015

A friend of mine gave me this nickname in high school. I returned with some not so favorable nicknames for her, that she loved actually because she loved the verbal sparring. I rarely see my name in song, so every song with it stands out to me. I like the garage band-y feel of the recording and adore the price tag on the video image.   6

bingsy22 18 Jun 2015