Simple Song by The Shins

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I first heard this song when watching the season eight finale of HIMYM, a show that, despite its ending, featured a variety of great songs. "Simple Song" by The Shins is among those. It has an upbeat and optimistic feel that makes me look to the future, no matter what has happened in the past. "Simple Song", I believe, is one of those songs that captures how marked transitions and changes feel.

HeartnSoul_Less 16 Aug 2015

Heard it on HIMYM and fell in love! Can't listen without smiling!

baela 6 Jul 2015

I can listen to this over and over again and still smile   9

aberrantanna 16 Mar 2015


piersbrad 10 Jan 2012

I made a fumblin’ play for your heart and the act struck a spark/You wore a charm in a chain that I stole especially for you #lyricsthatmakeyoufeel17

nighty 19 Mar 2014

Words are failing me   8

roydesmet 14 May 2013