The Rifle's Spiral by The Shins

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I found this on Nintendo Video a few years ago. I remember liking it, and then proceeding to forget it.  Just recently,I became re-obsessed with this song. After finally recalling the proper title of this magnificent tune, I put it here. I really like the video; it's very Tim Burton-y.

theTaxCollector 6 May 2014

great story

FrisianNomad 16 Apr 2014

Great song and an even better video!   2

Salvadore 24 Feb 2014

as you rise, rise from your burning fiat, go, go get my suitcase, would you?

vogon 3 Jun 2014

You were always to be a dagger floating.

dylan.todd 1 Apr 2012

Now changed. Still very perky!   1

Lililololaure 12 Jun 2012