Turn on Me by The Shins

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Nice song

sergiotm 26 Jul 2013

20 years on, this album alone will probably bring back the best memories of university I could ask for.

zoebowie 6 Apr 2013

The Shins = pop.hooks.more.addictive.than.cocaine.coated.cotton.candy   2

KBro 23 Aug 2012

"New" in a liberal sense. Always a fave.

doodymichelle 11 Feb 2012

A master class example of brilliant pop craftsmanship. More incredible melodies, hooks and details than you can even spot the first time around.   1

FlintFox 9 Feb 2014

So affections fade away, And do adults just learn to play The most ridiculous, repulsive games?

alissa1030 26 Jul 2014