Frail and Bedazzled by The Smashing Pumpkins


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Januarys are to the year what Mondays are to the week.

drenormous 2 Jan 2014

The Pumpkins: I like the sound enough to not care about the lyrics, but they're not bad anyway.

wordsmythe 9 Jul 2012

Long time without posting anything from one of my most favorite bands..

automaticstop 15 May 2013

The two of us, that's dangerous.

bbionic 22 Aug 2014

In honor of Billy's birthday, one of my favorites. “Frail and Bedazzled” by @SmashingPumpkin is my new jam.

LizaFZ 17 Mar 2015

One of those hidden musical gems which serendipity serves up now and again. It resonates with vitality, crackles with febrile energy, it confronts with aggressive intent and each phrase twirls with bellicose brevity.   11

Bukowski 11 Jun 2014