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Fool enough to almost be it And cool enough to not quite see it And old enough to always feel this Always old, I’ll always feel this No more promise no more sorrow No longer will I follow Can anybody hear me? I just want to be me When I can, I will Try to understand That when I can, I will   1

frazao 31 Mar 2015


Juliangratton 11 Feb 2012

Best Smashing Pumpkins song.   1

jeffbuckley 26 Oct 2012

Listened to it on the ride to work this morning and wanted top throw my arms up. Forgot how good it sounded, especially on a beautiful morning. Pumpkins in 1993 - arguably at their best, or close to it.

Tox_Doc 18 May 2015

Random Smashing Pumpkins Monday!

parcheesi336 20 Apr 2015

#foodweek although this is really more condiment. Heigh-ho.   1

loboska 14 Jul 2014