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Totally 90's epic wankeroo glory. I love Jimmy Chamberlin's march-turned-into-a-jazzy-jam drumming. When I was 15 this song blew my fragile little mind. Such control in the drumming, and total lack of restraint in the guitar playing.

sloop 14 Apr 2014

To get you through a Thursday afternoon when you'd rather be sitting by Lake Michigan “Starla” by @SmashingPumpkin is my new jam. Listen:   2

LizaFZ 5 Jun 2014

#ABCsOfMe - S can only be for the Pumpkins. They may not have hit the highs of their first three albums, but Corgan et al are still responsible for some amazing soundscapes. By far my favourite track is 'Starla'. Ten minutes of audio bliss.   3

Olimite 21 Dec 2014