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but shannobxo was first  

she's got her reasons, got my forgets of tears and idle threats misplaced so fake it. come around ruby I could never sleep alone   1

norwegianwood 7 Jan 2015

01. i received the aeroplane flies high box set reissue for christmas, which rekindled my love (doesn't take much) for one of my favorite bands. highly recommend the reissues. they're beautiful, the sound is astounding, & demos demos demos! 02. my username 'stumbelina' was my take on this song title, 'stumbleine' because usually, the username was taken. at the time, stumbelina was never used but alas, now even this username is hard to come by. tsk tsk 03. this tune is a great way to end my 2013 & to start my 2014 happy new year thisismyjammers. stay safe.   4

stumbelina 26 Dec 2013

Boredom's in the bathroom, shaking out the loose teeth . . .

bbionic 27 Sep 2013