“this fits my mood this morning”

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this fits my mood this morning   2

stacycurtis 16 Jun 2012

The Pumpkins say: 'I hurt where I can't feel, I feel where I can't hurt.' Bram says: Therefore I feel?!!!

bramcamp 2 Oct 2013

This will alleviate some of the ballyhoo and shenanigans of life.   20

Bukowski 28 May 2013

And the nominees for most underrated song on a popular album...

DannyWebs 4 Sep 2013

Damn, loved this concert so much.

gonch145 10 Mar 2013

"Into the eyes of the jackyl I say ka-boom!" My four year old son's new favorite song. He wants none of the soft music, just what he calls "classic" music.

mikerot 27 Oct 2014