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I have all these feeling, but you know, like good ones. Shiny happy feelings!   3

Loosqueal 27 May 2012

One of my favourite Smiths songs. ''Nature is a language - can't you read ?''   2

edclarke 11 May 2012

My favorite song when I was fourteen has come back to haunt me.

WoodwardSmith 19 Dec 2011

Couldn't play the official video for the single but here is the link:   6

abigail.deeks 1 Jul 2014

This should be the official @giantbomb theme song. "If it's not Love Then it's the Bomb Then it's the Bomb That will bring us together"

MrPope 19 Aug 2015

I got Louder Than Bombs recently on recommendation from my lovely girlfriend, this is one of my favourites:'3   2

MaxRocks 1 Jan 2013