Girlfriend In A Coma by The Smiths


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but EllieLouise_x was first  

If not best song in bad taste, it certainly ranks.   5

robbfritz 27 Jun 2012

Woke up to this yesterday morning thought it was a sign! False alarm tho she's fine ha n this song is a gem. All hail the smiths!   3

Oldy86 28 Mar 2014

Bro, she's just not that into you. #fbf #FacePalm #FriendZone #MoveAlong #YouWillSurvive

elsienw 2 May 2014

#JamBooks first it was a Jam then a it was a book by Douglas Coupland about a girl who wants to sleep for a thousand years. It was also used as the title for an Italian Documentary film in 2012.

d0minic 30 Jun 2015

Everyone needs a little musical melodrama now and again.

vodkariots 23 Mar 2014

I don't play The Smiths or Morrissey that often but every time I hear one of those stunning singles my mind is blown once again. #Lyrics #Melody

BertrandRustles 22 Jul 2015