Hand In Glove by The Smiths


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but skying was first  

The first band I ever went to see...   3

stellakoto 18 May 2013

Most romantic song ever written   1

Conagh_Murphy 18 Feb 2013

S is for the Smiths - and it was so hard trying to choose just one track. Love ol Mozzer - he was a great mover back in the Smiths time - with his gladioli and ripping off his shirt. I still buy the Mozzer solo stuff and love that too. The Smiths were someting special though   15

lindatee 14 Dec 2014

Classic Smiths. Don't argue!

hattydaze 7 Jan 2015

Been in my head all day! "i really dont know n i really dont caaarree"

Oldy86 6 Nov 2012

Hands (in gloves please) up who had The Smiths as their 1st dance? That'll be my hand up there then. We had a friend edit out 'I'll probably never see you again' (good idea) which he did seamlessly (thanks Ed). Well, we were/are both BIG fans. I was wearing white DM's that guests had previously signed after speeches. Crazy times. This is a 2011 Remastered version, the original was recorded near my family home at Strawberry Studios and apparently cost £250 @abigail.deeks @simonp The Smiths unite and take over (not really). #FinalJamDay   4

PartyTearsFew 25 Sep 2015