I Know It's Over by The Smiths


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but vmperella was first  

#LastJams #ThanksTIMJ

Dalek 29 Aug 2015

But in my heart, it was so real #TheSmiths #IKnowItsOver

KraizeeKatt 23 Sep 2015

It takes strength to be gentle and kind.   3

clydecore 17 Oct 2014

I know it's feelings - still I jam.   1

Loosqueal 8 Jul 2012

Final #FinalJam had to be Manc inspired. Thanks for all your jams, I've discovered many great songs on here. Cheers all!   2

edclarke 26 Sep 2015

Tried Supergrass but wouldn't work. So The Smiths it is. Not exactly in the spirit of the day but hey ho

Grayling 14 Feb 2013