Nowhere Fast by The Smiths

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Happy birthday Morrissey, you lovely angsty man.   1

amortentia 22 May 2012

A forgotten Smiths gem 'Nowhere Fast'. Never seen this video. Johnny Marr is a god.   1

JonBurroughs83 11 Feb 2014

When I'm lying in my bed, I think about life & I think about death. And neither one particularly appeals to me

ChrisHemphill94 21 Mar 2013

such a sad thing

KakaFlockaFlame 2 Mar 2014

"...and neither one particularly appeals to me" Nowhere Fast - The Smiths

yvy 26 Feb 2014

One of the best tributes to some blend of ennui, gloom and misery you'll ever hear. (I should have warned my followers: I'm a big Smiths fan.)   2

dijdowell 10 Nov 2013