Paint A Vulgar Picture [Demo] by The Smiths

“Early demo version of the Smiths classic.”

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Early demo version of the Smiths classic.

Klove 1 Jun 2015

Double-pack with a photograph, extra track and a tacky badge. And they paint a vulgar picture of the way they say that you were but they can never really hurt you my darling.   1

a3poify 6 Jul 2014

Demo of one of my favourite Smiths songs, 'Paint a Vulgar Picture'. I've never heard this before. x

turquoisecherry 24 Jan 2014

Enjoying all these Smiths demos of late….what's that you say, Moz? "Re-issue! Re-package! Re-package?"   4

RaymondLuk 7 Nov 2013

A-list, playlist / "Please them , please them, please them!"/ Sadly, this was your life / But you could have said no / If you'd wanted to / You could have said no - #TheSmiths #80sThrowback

terrascura 18 Sep 2013