Panic by The Smiths


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This one is for my friend Mike, who has taken a lot of glee from requesting it every time he has been there when I'm DJ-ing. Which is very infrequent indeed nowadays. I am now posting music on Let's Loop at the following address, ahead of TIMJ's archiving:   1

mattorganic 17 Sep 2015

Hang the blessed DJ, because the music they constantly play... Here's to more stories that speak to our actual lives.

wolodymyr 16 Sep 2015

Certainly not a new jam, but it perked me up at work when I needed a second wind.

melvillean 25 Jan 2013

In the wake of the recent anti-tory protests in London and elsewhere in the country (and with many more undoubtedly being planned), this track seemed the most fitting.

jpaylor 10 May 2015

"Hang the DJ."

mattnolan 24 Sep 2015

Nah, here's my final Jam.   4

smylie 25 Sep 2015