There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths

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Zufall 28 Aug 2015

Ok so the time has finally come for my final jam.So what to choose? Well as cliched as it is hopefully TIMJ will be a light that will never go out......even if we can't post on here anymore.It's been great to discover so much great music & it's lovely to know there are so many people out there with as much of a passion for music & fabulous tunes as I have.I'm off to give God's Jukebox a try so maybe see you on the other side.......if not it's a been a blast.TTFN   2

devious31 25 Sep 2015

Home for the holidays. I missed this city, it's good to be back.

J_Dub 17 Dec 2012

Last jam on TIMJ   1

beornborg 24 Sep 2015

We get one day of rain today! What better way to celebrate than with the moody sounds of The Smiths?

Vickipedia 15 Sep 2015

....and so we bid a fond adieu to This Is My Jam with an all-time classic.

clark.summers 24 Sep 2015