William, It Was Really Nothing by The Smiths


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but shadowplay was first  

I don't dream about anyone, except myself William, William it was really nothing   2

clareall 19 May 2015

Its been too long since I've posted a Smiths jam. @TheWrongSun @monisaurus   2

Loosqueal 18 Mar 2012

Another of my all-time favorites. “William, It Was Really Nothing” by The Smiths is my new jam.

LizaFZ 15 Aug 2015

My first afternoon to myself in over two weeks. Am going to make a pot of tea and put my feet up with 'Autobiography'.   30

abigail.deeks 6 Jan 2014

...brazil v germany,,,,neymar out,,brazil relying on WILLIAM..to save the day ---ouch----great smith melody-------and a lean morissey   24

kingofmen 8 Jul 2014

"Everybody's got to live their life, and God knows I've got to live mine". One of the greats.   4

obadiah99 20 Jan 2014