Ghost Town by The Specials

“hhyaaaaahyahyahyahyahyaaaaaaaaa hhyaaaaahyahyahyahyahyaaaaaaaaa yah yah yahyahyahyahyahyahhhhhh”

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hhyaaaaahyahyahyahyahyaaaaaaaaa hhyaaaaahyahyahyahyahyaaaaaaaaa yah yah yahyahyahyahyahyahhhhhh

200ok 9 Jun 2015

woke up to this playing on the radio without a clue why. took me all day to realize its Hallowe'en... Enjoy.

Grayling 31 Oct 2012

From 1981... but just as relevant today. Here we go again.   4

ken1 12 Jul 2012

In at number 77......I remember buying the single just as the riots kicked off in London, Birmingham and Liverpool.......dark times for awhile there...but a great song from a great band....Jerry Dammers was the brains behind the band.....happy jamming guys!!   7

njparry 5 Sep 2014

'Ghost Town' — soon will be. Or perhaps more a mausoleum. Bye @thisismyjam

duncehat 23 Sep 2015

Happy #Halloween, everybody!   8

Section42L 31 Oct 2014