Lines and Lines by The Spinanes


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when i grow up, i still wanna be a cross between rebecca gates and julie doiron, yessss. creepy dudes offering to take me to the back of their vans for drugs and all. (yes, that really happened a la 24 hour party people, many times in college, and yes, what i remember best is the woman from my linguistics class showing up at that show [albeit for ted leo not rebecca] and warning me away from all that, all concerned knit brow and everything. <3 also i can't say enough how much i appreciate the upload note for this live version from 2012 (!) that says "After 16 years I finally hear my favorite song ever played live. Forgive the shaky cam, I could hardly contain my joy. Forgive the soft focus, I could hardly see through the tears": it is a great goddamn skeleton of a song, forever. i miss Jenn from rochester-then-uPitt just like me, who understood and put it religiously on mix tapes too and went on to TFA...need to find her again...

ifjuly 27 Apr 2015