I'll Be Around by The Spinners

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Timeless groove.   1

tracilawson 3 Feb 2012

2nd verse embedded in brain for days and days

tatere 19 May 2015

Get your groove on! Even better performance on Soul Train (won't load on TIMJ but works in Germany at least): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfG47NsWVYA   3

J_Dub 22 Oct 2013

Can't get enough of this great Spinners track from 1973's "Spinners".

gnva 18 Feb 2013

Even though Thursday is long gone. I would like to take you back to the era when music was fresh, innovative and groundbreaking. Paving the way for many artists to this day. I introduce you to the 1970's. When you listen to this song don't think about what could have been, but think about what could be. Enjoy. This song is for you.

nomanstanding94 14 Aug 2015

#70s   1

rkdsens 8 Jul 2015