Mexico by The Staves

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Beautiful-women-sweetly-harmonizing will always be my jam.   1

DigitalAlias 9 May 2014

Something calm for a Saturday afternoon. I'm attempting to relax. The Staves are always good for that.   2

queertheory 15 Nov 2014

I want to see the colours of another sky.

markwakeley 8 May 2013

Beautiful, peaceful, great harmonies.. lovely "fake Friday" tune for me.

KatinEdinburgh 2 Oct 2014

Discovered The Staves fairly recently. Beautiful voices- Soul soothing. (& there's something a bit Scott Mathewsesque about this melody)

ShushannaDee 17 Jul 2014

Just brilliant, beautiful music

dougwalkermusic 9 Dec 2011