Different Drum by The Stone Poneys

“Written by the GREAT Mike Nesmith, this is one of my favourite songs.”

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Written by the GREAT Mike Nesmith, this is one of my favourite songs.   4

paulwhitelaw 7 Sep 2015

You and I travel to the beat of a different drum.

flaneur 30 Aug 2011

Watched 'Seven Psychopaths' last night. Fabulous casting, faultless script and superb soundtrack.   14

abigail.deeks 21 Jul 2013

There's so much here! First off, Linda Ronstadt is sublime perfection. I could watch her sing all day. Secondly, the lyrics! Love, love, love them! I'm wondering why someone else has not covered this song in recent decades? Lastly, the band couldn't be more atrocious if they tried! This clip reminds me of a high school garage band with their pretty and talented lead singer. They know they have a gem in her, but they just can't keep up. I have no idea how she sang this song with the band so out of sync with her!   3

cnorthcott 30 Mar 2015

I ain’t saying you ain’t pretty.   4

flaneur 21 Oct 2011

Wrapping up my AZ soundtrack with a nod to Tucson's greatest vocalist, Ms. Linda Ronstadt   1

gracelilacwine 16 Nov 2014