Loose by The Stooges

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Never too early, never too late - to get Loose. #thestooges #loose #protopunk #1970 #iggypop

sorrybutno 23 Mar 2015

Coffee and The Stooges. Usually works for me. #the45   2

jbturner 23 Sep 2014

Tribute to Scott Asheton, great drummer, wouldn't have been the Stooges without him

Conagh_Murphy 17 Mar 2014


brisky27 9 Aug 2015

#MYKINDofrocknroll! ( 5 of 12 ) USE THIS LINK  for the song plus a fab montage of Iggy video clips & pix ( unable to jam off YT )https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSuLhxKAnWg&feature=player_detailpage ...........I find the FEROCITY of the middle passage of this track pretty unsettling AND exhilirating ..guitars clashing & dive-bombing  like wretched souls climbing over each other to avoid being swallowed up , followed by a 100mph white-knuckle roller coaster ride thru' the tunnel of horrors straight to Hell! ..And was Iggy the wildest of them all? ..Quite likely. He lived the life.....and on this track he sounds deranged, unhinged & possessed ...as usual ( HA!!)   21

debutch 1 Jul 2014

Now I'm putting it to you straight from hell.

bbionic 28 Jul 2014