No More Heroes by The Stranglers

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Hopefully this one will work!!   4

PunkInRio 11 Apr 2015

Preparing for tonight's 6Music Prom. This was my favourite song when I was 17.

juderogers 12 Aug 2013

Punk week....I could probably list 25 decent jams and that would be hard to reduce it from 50. Old in the tooth when they started but did some great jams.good chemo day hope to be home by Friday! Thx to all.   4

njparry 26 Sep 2013

Dangerous things ice picks.

WikinikiP 7 Jul 2015

Love how little they care about getting the lip/instrument syncing correct.   2

fladriss 18 May 2015

The very first vinyl 33" album I ever bought off Kettering Flea market with my OWN money!   1

moleadot 7 Apr 2014